Talent Management

The global economic environment has changed immeasurably over the past ten years. In another ten years it may look completely different again. Successful businesses must adapt quickly to changing circumstances and anticipate future market trends.

Manchester Business School offers a unique Talent Management Partnership designed for like-minded, international companies as they seek to attract, develop and retain their next generation of leaders, ensuring future business success.

Developing your employees isn’t just about teaching them new processes, systems or management techniques. The Talent Management Partnership combines the breadth of the School’s human capital management expertise to integrate with your overall talent management strategy.

Benefits of the Talent Management Partnership

We appoint a Partnership Manager to understand your business challenges.They’ll work with you to develop and implement strategies in order to drive your talent management strategy.

The Partnership Manager works with you to identify relevant candidates within the MBS talent pool. You can access this cost-effective recruitment resource through our talent pool of 35,000 business professionals through online portals, on-campus interaction and our virtual recruitment environment.

The relationship is mutually-beneficial, allowing us to collaborate in identifying and attracting the right people and understanding and meeting executive development needs. In addition our education and coaching ensures your key business talent is retained to drive the business to further success.

Whether you are public or private sector, we would be delighted to discuss how a Talent Management Partnership can help you address your business needs.

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