The Special Situations Fund

The bank has been very astute at accessing bespoke opportunities with strategic partners within their specialist fields of natural resources, oil, gas and mineral extraction globally and this has necessitated a rapid movement of funds from investors with whom they have a long-standing relationship to gain the often substantial benefits these opportunities provide.

The Special Situations Fund has been designed to manage these opportunities strategically. This new, seeded, managed, open-ended fund is for an investment of 3 years or more, with an anticipated annual yield in the order of 12-15% per annum.

The fund is registered in the Cayman Islands and managed by the bank in the City of London with full bank responsibility. This will be a regulated fund in the public domain, with it’s own ISIN. Bought directly through the bank, it is not on a platform, although platforms may pick it up in the future.

Minimum Investment £100,000.00

Product is available only to Sophisticated Investors and High Net Worth Individuals.

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