Secured UK Care Home Investment 

We are delighted to bring you these care home projects in Somerset.

We love this care home project. We have done very in depth due diligence and been down to Somerset to meet the developer and inspect their current and previous projects.

Units are selling very fast as the developer have such an excellent reputation. There are still units available in Hurst Manor and Tyndale House and there will be a new Care Home in Bath with 55 units available in the coming week or two. The reservation fee is just £2,000 with the balance paid in full on completion 6 weeks later.

We highly recommend this project as it is safe and secure for the investor, offering a high yield and a guaranteed exit strategy.

Britain’s population is ageing. In 2012 the number of people aged 65 and older surpassed 10m for the first time; they now outnumber those aged 16 and under.

The over 85 age group is now the fastest growing demographic in the UK, as we all live longer through improvements in health, diet and preventative care. Over the next 20 years the age group is set to grow by 106%, to over 2.6m people.

This trend will be accelerated over the coming decades by the inevitable retirement of the so-called ‘baby boomer’ generation (born when Britain experienced a markedly higher birth rate between 1946-1964). Those born at this time are now beginning to reach retirement age and are set to have a dramatic effect on the people, society and the economy of the UK.

With this dramatic population change comes an increasing demand for specialist dementia and nursing care. There are currently over 800,000 people living with dementia – a figure that will rise to 1m by 2021, and more than double by 2050.

Significantly, the number of people of working age supporting our ageing population – known as the ‘dependency ratio’ – is moving in the opposite direction; declining from 4 people per retiree at present to 2.5 by 2035 and 2 by 2050.

It is clear, therefore, that the care home market has a significant and central role to play in our future society, with increasing demand for high quality accommodation, care and funding.

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