Restaurant Investment

Our Flagship Restaurant – EastZEast Group of Restaurants (UK) is rapidly expanding and is looking to invest in the growing Leisure & Hospitality market with main focus on Central London. The city’s attractiveness stems from the young, affluent and diverse working population, combined with the growing number of high spending tourists each year.

  • Of the 36.1 million tourists in the UK in 2015, more than half visited London
  • Tourists spent over £15 billion on London hotels, restaurants, shopping and attractions in 2015, up 35% from 2010
  • The UK ‘eating out’ market saw spending of £52.2 billion in 2015, and is expected to reach almost £55 billion in 2017
    Ceru-Website(Data from: Office of National Statistics Travel Trends 2015 Report, The Guardian, and Big Hospitality)

Furthermore, EastZEast operates in the casual/fine dining sector, which is set to achieve spending of over £5 billion by the end of 2016, 13.7% higher than 2014 levels, making it the fastest growing sector of the eating out market in the UK.

(Data from: Restaurant Insight Report 2014 and Big Hospitality)

Offer Details

  • EastZEast is seeking an investment backed by a corporate bonds
  • Mid Case Target return of 2.7x
  • Exit time frame 5 years

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