Corporate Bonds

The investment raise is fully asset backed of the companies assets being held by an independent trustee on the investors behalf.

Fixed income bonds components :

  1. Series D Corporate Bond listed on the  NASDAQ exchange, First North, Copenhagen
  2. This Bond is issued to a maximum of £35,000,000 but will be extended, as and when that sum is attained.
  3. The Bond is a fixed rate 5 year fixed term Bond
  4. The return is fixed at 8% per annum.
  5. Payment of 4% is made in two instalments each year – in June and December.
  6. Form investors of over £1m quarterly payments may be negotiated
  7. Income is paid net of UK basic rate income tax
  8. The bonds can be held jointly or by individuals, corporates or SPV’s are also acceptable
  9. Clients work directly with The Bank and all documentation submitted and issued is through The Bank
  10. ISA, SIPP, SSAS are an acceptable source of funds
  11. Denomination is in Pounds Sterling

Minimum Investment £100,000.00

Product is available only to Sophisticated Investors and High Net Worth Individuals.

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