What is Aeroponics?

Aeroponics is a way of growing plants without any soil and with very little water. It is a very effective and efficient way of growing a wide variety of plants. Using this method allows plants to be grown vertically, giving a huge saving on space and exceptional profits for farmers using this technology.

With aeroponics, plants are placed into our state of the art patented frames in such a way that both the top of the plant (the crown) and the bottom of the plant (the roots) are suspended in the air. In this way the crown can grow upward and the roots downward without needing any soil at all. The growers feed the plants by regularly spraying them with a fine mist of a nutrient-rich, water-mix solution. As the whole system is enclosed, you save water because the nutrient mix is fully recycled within the aeroponics systems design.

Our purpose built high tech farms are controlled digitally with constant monitoring of the PH and temp of the atmosphere within the enclosures.

This simplification of harvesting and high- density planting achieved through the system has resulted in growers finding that they have much higher yields

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